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2021 Annual Subscriptions

06 Jul 2021

Members Subscriptions are now due for this season. The subs this year are:

Senior Playing Members                   £120

Senior Non-playing Members             £60

Student Members                                 £60

Junior Members                                   £30

We are keen to put all senior members onto monthly standing orders where possible to spread the cost and simplify collection. You can pay the full fee directly into the club bank account or make out a Standing Order with your bank. In both cases the club’s bank account is the same:

RBS Kingsway Circus, Dundee

Dundee High School Former Pupils Cricket Club

Sort Code:                       83-18-12

Account Number:           00140384

Centenary Club Members

The Centenary Club Monthly Draw is £5 which you should add to the Standing Order amount. If you already pay by Standing Order you simply need to amend the amount. So full membership is £10 a month or £15 to include the Centenary Club. For Students and Non-playing members it’s £5 or £10. Junior subs will be collected separately as a single payment.

If you’d like to discuss anything or need clarification, please get in touch with me directly.

Many thanks

Gavin Garden