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2019Majid RasheedDHSFPSPCUNEC Bowling Aggregate121.4-34-305-40
2019 Majid RasheedDHSFP SPCUNEC Bowling Average40 wickets at an average of 7.63
DHSFP ClubPlayer of the Year 
2019 DHSFP ClubPlayers Player of the Year 
2019Majid RasheedDHSFP ClubBowling Award162.5-39-475-47 
2019 Rishin Upamal DHSFPClubBatting Award796 runs at an average of 53.07
2017 Angus LindsayDHSFP SPCUBowling Aggregate (Ovenstone Memorial Prize)69-2-261-22
2014 Duncan LindsayDHSFP XI SPCU 1st Division Bowling Average 
2012 Graham HopkinsDHSFPClubPlayer of the Year 
2011 Robert HopkinsDHSFP XI SPCU2nd Division (New - T3) Bowling Average 
2009Les Milne  DHSFP SPCUBowling Aggregate (Ovenstone Memorial Prize)  
2007 Jamie Landwehr DHSFP SPCUBowling Aggregate (Ovenstone Memorial Prize)  
2007  S Perera DHSFP SPCU Bowling Aggregate (Ovenstone Memorial Prize)  
2007  Kenneth Kyles DHSFP SPCU Batting Aggregate (Ovenstone Memorial Prize)  
2006 Z AliDHSFP SPCUTier 1 Bowling Average22 wickets at an average of 14.45
2001 Kenneth Kyles DHSFP XI SPCU 1st Division Bowling Average 
1997Lindsay Ancell DHSFP XI SPCU 1st Division Bowling Average  
1996 D WhitelyDHSFP XI SPCU 1st Division Batting Average 
1996 R AhmedDHSFP XI SPCU 1st Division Bowling Average
1995Lindsay Ancell  DHSFP XI SPCU 1st Division Bowling Average 
1994Lindsay Ancell  DHSFP XI SPCU1st Division Bowling Average 
1993 Lindsay Ancell  DHSFP XI SPCU 1st Division Batting Average 
1992 Lindsay AncellDHSFP SPCUTier 1 Bowling Average32 wickets at an average of 9.19
1992 B D M Dyer DHSFP SPCU Batting Aggregate (Ovenstone Memorial Prize)602 runs 
1992 B D M Dyer DHSFP SPCU Tier 1 Batting Average602 runs at an average of 66.89 
1991 R AllenDHSFP XI SPCU 1st Division Bowling Average  
1990 C L McLean
DHSFP SPCU Tier 1 Batting Average 495 runs at an average of 82.50 
1989 Lindsay Ancell DHSFP XI SPCU 1st Division Bowling Average
1988 C L McLeanDHSFP SPCUTier 1 Batting Average
440 runs at an average of 62.86 
1988C L McLeanDHSFPSPCUBatting Aggregate (Ovenstone Memorial Prize) 440 Runs
1987Robert HopkinsDHSFP SPCUBatting Aggregate (Ovenstone Memorial Prize) 593 runs
1987Robert HopkinsDHSFP SPCUTier 1 Batting Average593 runs at an average of 42.36
1985 Anil VasishtaDHSFP SPCUBatting Aggregate (Ovenstone Memorial Prize)  
1987 Jayantilal KeniaDHSFP SPCUTier 1 Runs Aggregate1,119 runs
1982G Jaffrey DHSFP XI SPCU 1st Division Bowling Average 
1980 Lindsay Ancell DHSFP SPCUBowling Aggregate (Ovenstone Memorial Prize)
1979Graham McLarenDHSFP SPCU Tier 1 Runs Aggregate 607 runs
1979 Graham McLarenDHSFP SPCUBatting Aggregate (Ovenstone Memorial Prize)
1978 C RobertsonDHSFP SPCUTier 1 Bowling Average 56 wickets at an average of 9.34
1951 J StarkDHSFP SPCUTier 1 Bowling Average74 wickets at an average of 8.30
1951 J StarkDHSFPSPCUTier 1 Bowling Aggregate74 wickets
2019Matthew LowdonPlayer of the Year 
2019Owen VoiceBatting Award 
2019 Andrew Lowdon Bowling Award 
2019 Gregor Byers Most Improved Player 
2018 Player of the Year  
2018 Batting Award 
2018 Bowling Award 
2018  Most Improved Player  
2017 Haydn Evans Player of the Year
2017  Batting Award  
2017  Bowling Award  
2017 Alfie WhittonMost Improved Player
2016Jamal ChoudhrayPlayer of the Year 
Year Clubman of the Year
2019Gavin Garden
2018Duncan Lindsay
2017 Glyn Evans
2016Julie Jennings
2015Balaji Ramalingham
2014Blair Smith
2012Graham Hopkins